UW photos by Nils Olsen    Florida  13 -15 January 2003
Southern Stingray  (60038 byte) Southern Stingray  (85793 byte) Blue tang Rainbow Parrotfish (140406 byte) Rainbow Parrotfish (149848 byte) Nassau Grouper (649656 byte) Smooth Trunkfish (139134 byte) Orange Filefish (132947 byte)
Queen Angelfish Green Moray  (155437 byte) Scrawled filefish (292689 bytes) ´ Key Largo

Crystal River ­

Capt. Andy (46892 byte) Manatees (55151 byte) Manatee (49657 byte) B & Manatee (53911 byte)

Key Largo

Greecian Rocks
North North Dry Rocks
Banana Reef
South Ledges
Cuda Coral







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Crystal River




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